Furniture Floor Pads

Furniture floor pads are used to stop furniture moving and sliding on any hard floor surface. Gripper pads prevent furniture moving and protect floor against scratches and damage.

Many times we encounter a piece of furniture placed on hardwood, tile or any hard floor surface. If its a sectional sofa, then we know as soon as we sit in the sofa, there is a chance it will move, as well as when we get off the sofa. Since sectional sofas are normally big and heavy, they can move quite a bit on the floor. Thin felt pads do not truly stop the sectional from moving. A more substantial gripper pad is necessary to place under the feet of the sectional to grab to the floor and keep the sectional in place.

There are a few furniture gripper pads available that perform effectively under sectionals and any other type of furniture. These pads generally consist of a dense fiber center with rubber outside layers. The combination of the two materials and construction works together to grab and hold to the floor, as well as grab and hold the furniture. A few of these pads are also effective for use under various objects, such as washing machines and medical machines. They work to prevent floor vibration and prevent the machines from moving.

DURA-GRIP, Magic-Grip and InvisiHold are all furniture gripper pads that work on the same principal: they are simply pllaced under furniture without any sticky tapes or mess. The actual weight of the furniture keeps the pads down, as well as the textured rubber surfaces that work well to grab and hold to the floor and furniture.


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